About Me


img_5675First off, thank you so much for checking out my book blog!

My name is Michelle and I live in Canada, I am 20 years old, and a third year university student majoring in psychology and sociology! My passion for reading started at a young age, probably 10 years old when my little sister and I would walk to the public library and consume as many books as possible. However during my last year of high school I had all but stopped reading because of my busy schedule. This summer I have rediscovered this passion by taking time to truly enjoy reading again and have been an avid reader since. I mostly read Young Adult books and any genre within that category! However, I do branch out to Adult novels as well!

I always thought about starting a book blog, but the idea did intimidate me. However, I started putting more effort into my book reviews on Goodreads, and I realized that I like the book community and created this blog. I’m kind of nervous about what the outcome will be, but I am very excited too. My plan is to focus mainly on book reviews, but of course there will probably be other content as well. This will definitely be a learning experience for me, but I am looking forward to it!!!

Random Facts About Me:

  • I am in love with music, performing and listening
  • I have one sister, who is a super-genius studying Bio Chem in Waterloo
  • I’ve only been to one book signing before, Kelley Armstrong (IT WAS AMAZING!)
  • I’ve been to three countries; United States, Cuba, and England
  • I love watching Big Brother and Once Upon a Time
  • I can only hear from one ear, one benefit is every place is quiet for reading
  • I’m short, only 5 feet tall
  • I’m obsessed with everything Disney
  • I love anything with cheese; pizza, pasta, kraft dinner etc.
  • I will be travelling to California this Winter!
  • I am in a group called Timbrels, too confusing to explain but feel free to ask me
  • I have never enjoyed playing sports, or being physically active to be honest
  • My birthday is November 24